Smart Remote App
Free smart phone app for  Flexijet 3D.

Free Download
Free to download for your smart phone.
Remote Control
Use your phone as a remote control device.
Hi-Res Site Photos
Capture hi-res images of the construction site.
iOS & Android
Made for iOS and Android smart phones.

Flexijet Smart Remote App

A free smart phone app to further enhance
the functionality of flexijet 3D.


he Flexijet Smart Remote App can be used as a remote control for Flexijet 3D. You now have the choice to either use the supplied XBox controller or the Smart Remote App.

With the Smart Remote App, you have total freedom to guide the Flexijet 3D laser dot to precisely target measurement points. Available for Apple iPhone and Android smart phones.

  • Features of the Flexijet Smart Remote App include:
  • On-screen joystick to easily manoeuvre the laser beam.
  • 'Rotation Mode' to guide Flexijet accurately to the measurement point.
  • Easily capture a measurement point by tapping the on-screen icon.
  • On-screen command instructions from the FlexiCAD software are mirrored on the Smart Remote App.
  • Connection via Flexijet WiFi.
  • Enhance site measure documentation by capturing hi-res photos from your smart phone. Photos are automatically transmitted to the drawing and linked to actual photograph locations.
The Flexijet Smart Remote App interface.

Get the Flexijet Smart Remote App.


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