A free application to view native FlexiCAD files.
No need to buy a second license.

Free Download
Freely distribute to colleagues & clients.
Link Photos
All photos linked to measurement points.
Package All Files
Package measurement data and other documents in the same file.
Windows & Mac
Made for Windows & Apple Mac operating systems.


A free application to view native FlexiCAD files.
No need to buy a second flexicad license.


lexijetViewer is a free viewing program for the measurements and images captured with the Flexijet 3D Next Generation laser measuring system.
It offers the ability to view measurement drawings with all included photos and measurement point images to collegues and clients. Documentation of site measurements are further enhanced with the ability to include additional files to the measurement data in FlexiCAD as a complete package.

For example, you can add a DXF export of the measurement file, additional site photos and descriptions, a design plan, or a quotation in any file format. In one clear package a whole collection of files can be handed over to colleagues or customers for viewing and approval in Flexijet Viewer.
The FlexiCAD file must first be packaged for FlexijetViewer using a simple command within FlexiCAD or FlexijetSTONE.
Flexijet Viewer is available for both Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

  • Features of FlexijetViewer include:
  • For more effective post processing, users can use Flexijet Viewer in combination with FlexiCAD. For example, it can be used on a dual desktop display or within a local network on another PC.
  • Use FlexijetViewer in conjuction with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® based applications.
  • Easily view the corresponding image for each measurement point.
  • Single click filter between Flexijet images and hi-res photo points.
  • Include files of any file format with the Flexijet 'package' when forwarding your measurements to colleagues or clients for sign off.
  • View hyperlinked images of DWG or DXF files.
  • and many more…
Please note:
Software is supplied on USB disk.
Boxed packaging shown is for illustrative purposes only.

The FlexijetViewer Interface

Please note, Safari on MacOS has issues displaying this page correctly. We are working on a fix. In the meantime, we suggest using an alternative browser.
Image of Flexijet Viewer interface.
Open file.
Go to 'project' folder.
Open sub folders.
Contents of current folder.
Number of images in this folder.
Drawing display area.
Contents of the currently selected folder, with zoom functions in the upper right corner.
Measurement images
Red pin: image of a normal measuring point.
Blue pin: hi-res image taken by the Flexijet Smart Remote App or web cam on laptop.
Yellow pin: hovering your mouse over a pin will change the pin colour to yellow and highlight the related image in the preview wind below.
Open images by clicking on a pin or image.
Image preview window
Laser Beam symbol: a measurement point image from Flexijet 3D.
Camera symbol: hi-res image taken with either the Smart Remote App or laptop web cam.
Overview of packaged files.
Image search.
Image preview filter
Camera with Laser Beam symbol: displays all images (as shown here).
Laser Beam symbol: displays only images captured by the Flexijet device.
Camera symbol: displays only images captured with the Smart Remote App or laptop web cam.
Linked business card
Business card and link can be defined in the FlexiCAD general preferences.
Establish connection with FlexiCAD or use with AutoCAD.

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