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Do you have a project that needs precise site measurements?
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Expert site measurements

1. Do you need us?

For many small businesses, there are times when they are confronted with a project that requires measuring and creating a 3D model that provides a level of precision and difficulty far beyond what they are capable of.
As this may happen infrequently, the purchase of a dedicated measuring system like Flexijet 3D may not be justified. A more practical solution would be to engage someone that can do this for you. In such circumstances, Flexijet Australia can provide measuring services for a fee.
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2. What we can do.

Flexijet Australia will genuinely assess whether we can provide you with the outcomes you are seeking. Flexijet 3D is an extremely versatile laser measuring system and over the years has performed measuring tasks in a variety of environments and industries. Once we complete a measurement task, we provide you with an exported DXF or DWG file. You will then be able to import the model into your CAD or construction software. We can also export to other formats that are software specific. Please contact us for more details.


3. What is our fee?

The fee will vary depending on the scope of the measuring task at hand. It is extremely difficult to provide a fixed quote as every site measure has its own challenges. We can complete an estimate provided a thorough brief is supplied that includes detailed information and photos etc. In general we charge a rate of $175 + GST per hour. For site measures in the Melbourne area, we charge traveling time to site, but not on the return. For interstate site measures, additional costs will be incurred for travelling expenses. Please call us for further details.



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