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The Flexijet Service Agreement


1. Why should I have a Service Agreement?

The Flexijet 3D hardware is a precision instrument which will provide you with many years of faultless and highly accurate measurements. Flexijet 3D is a mobile measuring system and will be used in many varying environments such as dusty construction sites and possibly be transported on aircraft (if you are flying from one site location to another). Though the heavy duty 'Pro Case' that comes with the Flexijet 3D is one of the best that money can buy, it will unavoidably be subject to some rough handling. To ensure the accuracy and operation of your Flexijet system is of the highest standard, we highly recommend that when you purchase a Flexijet 3D system, that you also consider the purchase of the Flexijet Service Agreement.


2. How much does it cost?

The Service Agreement has an annual cost of AU$1,950.00 + GST. The Service Agreement is optional, though there are many benefits that come with it's purchase and these are explained below.


3. Annual accuracy check & calibration.

A regular hardware service is important to maintain the performance and life of your Flexijet hardware. As each Flexijet system comprises of highly sensitive measuring technology, we recommend that an annual calibration check  be undertaken to prevent any variations in measurements. Small dirt particles can penetrate the housing and may damage the equipment over time. As part of the annual maintenance agreement, the measuring head is checked for accuracy. In order for this process to be undertaken, only the measuring head is returned to Flexijet Australia where the calibration check is undertaken. We do not need the tripod, your laptop or any of the accessories. In some circumstances, the measuring head may need to be returned to Flexijet Germany for factory calibration. If this is the case, you will be provided with a 'loan' unit so that you can continue with your measuring tasks. Flexijet Australia will have your Flexijet hardware back to you in no time.


4. Battery replacement.

The Flexijet 3D hardware comes with an internal rechargeable battery system that drives the servo motor within the measuring head. With the regular discharging and re-charging of the Flexijet measuring head, the internal battery capacity gradually decreases over time. As part of the calibration check described above, the internal battery pack is also checked which ensures maximum battery life during site measurements. Under normal circumstances, the battery will only need to be replaced after 2-3 years of operation.


5. Software updates.

Flexijet prides itself in working closely with its customers and is constantly improving the software capabilities and features to meet the needs of our end users. A service agreement enables our users to always have access to new and improved FlexiCAD functions throughout the year through built in software downloads and firmware updates for the measuring head. Whenever you launch the FlexiCAD software, it automatically checks for any new updates (internet connection required) and immediate access is available to users with an active Flexijet Service Agreement.


6. Direct technical support.

Being a Service Agreement customer, you have direct contact with our support team. Team Viewer software is integrated into the Flexijet software which enables us to gain access to your laptop and guide you through any problems you may encounter. Naturally we are also accessible by phone, Zoom, Skype or email.


7. Other

As a Service Agreement customer, there will be other on-going benefits that along with the items listed above, make the Flexijet Service Agreement extremely good value for money. We provide attractive discounts for on-site training and system set-up and install. We also run training sessions at our offices in Melbourne from time to time and service agreement customers are welcome to attend these free of charge.


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