About Flexijet 3D
the next generation in digital measurement technology

integrated camera
Capture every measurement point with the inbuilt camera.
Measurements with millimeter precision time after time.
Audio Notes
Record audio notes for  complete site measure documentation.
Remote Control
Control Flexijet remotely with the smart phone app or the supplied controller.

innovation in 3D cad measurements

The next generation in digital measurement technology is here… the most innovative laser measurement system just got better!

Image of the Flexijet 3D hardware front and rear view.
Advantages at a Glance


Site measure with only one person. Easy to carry in specially designed protective case.

Measure in 2D or 3D

Measure in 3D with ease. Alternatively, measure in 2D and see the results in 3D with a single click.

Complex measurements

Effortlessly measure complex angles and shapes without the need for calculations.

Auto Levelling

Instant auto levelling! No need to manually adjust tripod.

Eliminate Errors

Elimination of wrong or omitted dimensions and transmission errors.

Visual Confirmation

Visually verify measurements while on site with auto dimension and point projection.

Site Documentation

Capture site photos and voice recordings within Flexijet software for comprehensive documenting of site measurements.

Easy Relocations

Long range and easy relocation via survey reference points.

Instant Calculations

Instant area and space calculations.

Templates… gone!

Physical templates are now obsolete! Scribe and template simple or complex shapes  with Flexijet 3D.

Easy Export

Easy export the measured CAD files. Compatible with all CNC equipment and most production & design software.


Total flexibility with 360° vertical and horizontal measurements including straight up and down .

We have taken 3D measuring to a new level with the "Next Generation" Flexijet 3D Laser Measuring System.
Designed by an award winning automotive designer, the new hardware design feels like a steering wheel in the hands of the user with easily accessible and user friendly buttons. Powerful functions under the hood further simplify the simultaneous site measuring and 'real time' CAD drawing.
The 7" touch screen is the most striking feature of the Flexijet device displaying the pre-programmed CAD commands which provides efficiencies in measuring tasks. Measuring points in the CAD model are simultaneously created during the measuring process and are now  linked to audio notes and photographs (via the integrated 5MP camera)  and thus provide detailed recording of every site measure.
The cross hair display (with parallax compensation) in the camera now also makes it possible to target points when environmental conditions make it difficult to see the laser dot. Communication between the hardware and the laptop is  achieved with the inbuilt WiFi networking protocol.
The device provides approximately 8 hours of battery life (dependent on motor use).
Flexijet 3D has an inbuilt self-levelling feature and can be operated manually or with the internal motor.
Significant advances in ergonomics and measurement efficiencies means that site measuring is easier and more enjoyable than other systems. With significant advances that incorporate substantial on-board functions, Flexijet uers around the world have celebrated the advanced features of Flexijet 3D.
With Flexijet 3D, literally everyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take measurements and assess dimensions accurately with millimeter precision and have measurement data transmitted directly into CAD. Whether you are a beginner, an all-rounder or a CAD specialist, with Flexijet 3D you will benefit from the principle of “from site measure to CAD in a single step”. This principle offers you a multitude of advantages over conventional measuring techniques or laser scanners point clouds. Inaccurate measurements and manual note taking of manual measurements are a thing of the past. You can now immediately view what you’re measuring in real time on the laptop or tablet display.  Site measurements in difficult locations can now be accomplished without scaffolding, ladders or other aids. Curved surfaces, arches and non-angular components can be measured and drawn quickly and precisely. With Flexijet's projection function, on-site set outs and installations can now be performed with ease.
The application possibilities of Flexijet 3D are as diverse as the users who use this revolutionary laser measuring system.
Image of Flexijet 3D hardware with the heavy duty 'Pro Case'.
Image of Flexijet 3D hardware with the versatlie 'Plaston' cas and tripod laptop platform.

Flexijet 3D hardware

The ergonomic design of the Flexijet 3D laser measuring system hardware integrates electronic, optical and mechanical components in one device. It has received global accolades and has recently been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Flexijet 3D is supplied with a choice of 2 types of custom cases. The top image displays the aluminium reinforced 'ProCase'. The case is based on a road case design with low impact wheels which can be easily wheeled around a construction site. It easily converts to a working platform for the laptop/tablet (not supplied).
The second image shows Flexijet 3D supplied with the high quality 'Plaston' case. This case does not convert to a laptop platform and is supplied with a separate tripod and working platform for the laptop/tablet (not supplied).

At its core, Flexijet 3D is based on a laser distance meter which in combination with the rotary/swivel unit detects exact coordinates and transfers this data into one of two of the system’s 3D measuring software FlexiCAD or FlexijetSTONE.
The 7" touch display allows the selection of CAD commands and software functions directly from the measuring device without having to access these on the nearby laptop or tablet. The measuring system is quick and simple to set up and is ready to use within several minutes.
The Flexijet measuring hardware independently provides a WLAN with the integrated WiFi to establish a direct connection with the FlexiCAD measurement software.
Levelling of the tripod is unnecessary as the software will auto level the device. The integrated shock sensor warns you of any accidental movement of the device thus ensuring the integrity of your measurement data.
An essential feature of Flexijet 3D is that it can be operated either manually or remotely with the supplied remote control or via the Flexijet SmartRemote App which is available for iOS and Android devices as a free download.
Flexijet 3D not only functions as a precision measuring device, but also as an innovative tool that can assist during site installations. The projection function of Flexijet 3D enables CAD points from a drawing to be projected on site with the Flexijet 3D laser beam. With this feature you can 'set out' any object like walls, penetration points, fixing points etc from a CAD drawing with a high degree of precision.
Measurements can be triggered by a touch sensor on the device, by remote control or from your laptop or tablet.
In addition to the image documentation, the 5 megapixel camera allows the optical target selection by crosshairs in the live picture of the camera. This allows the measurement capture even in strong sunlight when the laser spot is no longer recognisable with the human eye. If the device is bumped or moved during a measurement situation, an integrated shock sensor will register it and reports it immediately to the device and to the measuring software. The Flexijet 3D can be re-aligned in the drawing by re-measuring already known points and the measurement can be continued seamlessly.