Flexijet 3D
Innovation & precision in site measuring

integrated camera
Capture every measurement point with the inbuilt camera.
Measurements with millimeter precision time after time.
Audio Notes
Record audio notes for  complete site measure documentation.
Remote Control
Control Flexijet remotely with the smart phone app or the supplied controller.

what makes flexijet 3D unique?

Flexijet 3D has many unique features that make it a revolutionary tool for templating, scribing or undertaking detailed site surveys. Some of the unique features are described below. To appreciate the full set of features that Flexijet 3D can provide, call for a demonstration.

Unique features - 1

Measure & draw in 'real time'.

Capture measurement data and see a CAD drawing appear instantly.
Image showing that Flexijet 3D measures and draws in real time.
In contrast to other measuring systems, Flexijet 3D measures and draws using genuine CAD tools such as lines, polylines, arcs and circles etc. It does not create confusing point clouds that require substantial post processing.
The completed CAD drawing is created in 'real-time' while measuring on-site and does not require lengthy post-processing. 
During the measuring process, objects such as walls, doors, arches, penetrations or entire room surveys are created on-site as precise three-dimensional CAD models.
Before leaving the construction site, the finished CAD model can be compared with reality and ensuring that all relevant dimensions have been recorded.

Unique features - 2

Rapid site measuring.

Intelligent measuring with speed and accuracy.
Image showing a 3D model of a room with a sloping ceiling.
With Flexijet 3D you can perform measurements quickly and with precision. A 3D space is created in the measuring software with only a few measuring points. With only two points per wall surface and one point each for the floor and ceiling, a room is drawn with these few steps.
It is unnecessary to target the room corners as the software automatically joins wall corners. Angles of walls connected to each other are accurately drawn during this rapid site measurement process.
Rooms can be further detailed as required by measuring other room elements, such as roof slopes, doors, windows, pipes, GPOs and more.

Unique features - 3

Simplified relocations.

Relocate Flexijet 3D with ease and still retain the drawing reference.
Image showing that Flexijet #D can be relocated easily throughout the worksite to provide a complete CAD model.
Flexijet 3D enables the relocation of the device for situations where it is not possible to record all measuring points from one location. If you are required to measure adjacent rooms in the same 3D CAD model, Flexijet 3D performs this with ease.
Capturing just two reference points, which can be viewed from both locations, Flexijet 3D can be accurately referenced enabling the continuation of the measurement process. Whole floors or buildings can thus be easily captured in a single CAD drawing.

Unique features - 4

Projection of CAD points.

Installation efficiency with Flexijet 3D.
On-site worker showing that Flexijet 3D can project CAD points from a drawing to the work site.
Flexijet 3D is not only a precision measuring tool, but can also be an invaluable installation tool when on the construction site. Using the various 'Show CAD point' commands, you can simply click or select a CAD point on your laptop and Flexjet 3D will rotate and aim the laser beam precisely on the point at the construction site.
For example, lets import a CAD drawing of partition locations for a large commercial office space into the Flexijet software. Click on one of the partion locations on your CAD drawing and see Flexijet 3D rotate and aim the laser beam directly at that location on site. No need to use tape measures, laser levels or chalk lines. Other examples may include marking out fixing points on a ceiling or floor or penetration points for pipework.
The use of the feature is only limited by your imagination.
Significantly improve on-site set-outs with Flexijet 3D!

Unique features - 5

Automatic series of measurements.

Scribe uneven surfaces with amazing accuracy!
Image of a series of automatic measurements or scans that can be performed by Flexijet 3D.
A feature that is ideal for measuring or scribing curved or uneven surfaces. Scribe walls horizontally, vertically or  parallel to any sloping, horizontal or vertical surface.
The process involves defining a starting point, a direction and the finishing point. Sit back and watch Flexijet 3D  automatically measure and draw the profile of the surface.
Ideal functionality for stone masons, benchtop manufacturers and architectural joinery manufacturing.

Unique features - 6

Surface scans.

Automatic measurement of uneven surfaces.
Image of surface scan performed by Flexijet 3D.
Flexijet 3D can scan any surface with predefined increments to create a 3D profile of that surface.
By drawing or measuring a closed contour and converting that object to a hatched (grid), the “surface scan” command can automatically measure all intersecting points of the hatch. The different heights are indicated in various colours revealing the uneveness of the surface.
Ideal for surface scanning floors or walls.