What is included with every Flexijet 3D System?

  • The Flexijet 3D laser measurement system comes complete with:
Image of the Flexijet 3D Pro Case showing the supplied hardware and accessories.
  • Flexijet 3D motorised laser measuring head.
  • Ultra light carbon fibre tripod.
  • Custom built 'Pro Case'. A heavy duty wheeled carry case that converts into a work platform for your laptop,
  • Flexijet 3D battery charger.
  • Remote control (XBox remote controller).
  • USB flash drive containing the software installation and bonus files.
  • Red laser glasses for measuring outside.
  • Aluminum measuring aids ('T' profile extrusion).
  • Target stickers for referencing and relocating the Flexijet.
  • D-Link wireless USB adapter to provide a second WiFi access point if required.
  • Quick start guide.

How much does it weigh?

The Flexijet case weighs approx 16kgs complete with all the Flexijet components and accessories. The tripod is supplied in a separate carry bag with shoulder strap.

Is the laptop supplied with the system?

No, the laptop must be provided by the customer.
For obvious reasons Flexijet Australia cannot provide support for the laptop hardware and the Windows operating system. We can provide you with some recommended features of the laptop in order for you to have a worry free experience when measuring. Suffice to say, the laptop does not have to be high end with its specifications. The most important features are: long battery life on site (8 hours or more), approx. 13" screen so that it fits nicely on the work platform, at least 16GB RAM and Windows 10 operating system installed. Call us for further details.

Can I run the software on a tablet?

Yes. Many Flexijet users operate the system using a tablet device (eg, Microsoft Surface Go). The FlexiCAD and FlexijetSTONE software can be operated in 'Touch Mode' without a mouse and is a preferred method with some users in the stone and benchtop industries.

Can I use Flexijet 3D outside?

Yes, Flexijet 3D can be used outside. In bright light conditions, you can activate the camera on the LCD display which also displays a cross-hair for the laser position. Red laser glasses are also included in the case which further enhances viewing the laser point.

How long does the battery last before recharging?

The internal battery of the measuring head will last approximately 8 hours. However if you are using the internal motor excessively (eg for scanning surfaces or performing series of measurements), the battery life will be slightly reduced.
Flexijet 3D takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully recharge and can be used while it is being charged.

Who can I call if I have a problem?

When you purchase a Flexijet 3D, you will receive 30 days complimetary technical support. If you have purchased the annual Service Agreement, you will receive on-going support throughout the life of the agreement. You can simply contact us in Australia by phone, Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom and we will help you through your problem. TeamViewer® software is also integrated into the Flexijet software, so we can access your laptop remotely and instruct you on how to best solve your problem (an internet connection required).

Does the Flexijet 3D require any maintenance?

It is recommended to check the calibration of the Flexijet device annually. The Flexijet software will automatically notify you when this time is due. You do not need to panic if you are unable to do this immediately. If you subscribe to a Flexijet Service Agreement, calibration and servicing is included. Please contact us for further details.

What is the software that drives Flexijet 3D?

The Flexijet 3D hardware is driven by our custom built software FlexiCAD or FlexijetSTONE. When you purchase Flexijet 3D, you will receive a single seat for both FlexiCAD and FlexijetSTONE. Our software is the "brains" behind the system and provides many features and commands that make Flexijet 3D a truly innovative measuring system. The software communicates with the measuring head via a dedicated WiFi network transmitted by the Flexijet device.

Can Flexijet measure curved walls or surfaces?

Yes indeed! Flexijet has many unique features that are not available in other systems. And remember, Flexijet 3D actually draws your model while you are measuring. The drawing is a true 3D CAD drawing with lines, polylines, circles, arcs etc. Not a point cloud in sight!

How far is the range of the laser?

The accuracy of Flexijet 3D is 0.9mm for every 10m. That is, at 20m the accuracy is 1.8mm, at 30m it is 2.7mm etc. Even though the laser itself can measure well in excess of 150m, referencing Flexijet 3D and moving it closer to the target will provide a more precise result. Referencing Flexijet 3D is a simple process and is covered in the initial training.

Can I transport Flexijet 3D on an aircraft?

Yes. Flexijet Australia travels interstate frequently to demonstrate the system or to undertake training sessions. Flexijet is easily loaded on board as check-in luggage. As an extra precaution, we shrink wrap the case and clearly  mark it as fragile.