the most innovative laser measuring system just got better!

Flexijet 3D… The next generation in 3D laser measurements &
2D digital templating

Create 3D or 2D CAD measurements of building interiors, staircases, rooms and any feature that requires accurate measurement. Ideal for templating surfaces for stone fabricators to manufacture counter tops, clad staircases and much more. Flexijet will measure and simultaneously create a drawing on-site!

Global Installations
Time Saved
Increased Efficiency
Measurement Accuracy
flexijet 3D at a glance

Flexijet 3D
'the Next Generation'

Flexijet 3D  consists of a laser distance measuring device mounted on a servo driven rotating tripod unit. The hardware is integrated with our professional measuring software FlexiCAD and FlexijetSTONE. Flexijet 3D is the simplest way to site measure rooms, entire buildings or accurately template any surface. Create a 3D or 2D CAD model in a single step!
Flexijet 3D is used globally in over 30 countries and incorporates innovative features that will enhance your site measuring tasks.
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next generation laser technology

Flexijet 3D is full of innovative features

 Site measure with only one person.
 Measure without restrictions.
 Instant graphic control on site.
 Auto levelling feature.
 Measure in 2D or 3D.
 No missing dimensions or transmission errors.
 Instant surface and space calculations.
 On site projection of CAD points to aid in installation.
 Creation of digital templates.
 Interfaces to all common CAD software and CNC equipment.

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fast & precise measurments.
Accurately site measure and create a 3D CAD model as you measure! With precision of under 1mm, Flexijet 3D handles the most demanding measuring tasks.
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All systems are supplied with FlexijetSTONE and FlexiCAD software. Whether you are a stonemason, benchtop templator or a joinery business… we have all bases covered.
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measure rooms, stairs & much more.
Flexijet 3D is up to any measuring task. Measure just one room, stairs or an entire building. Other measurements such as windows, doors, penetrations or bulkheads are easily measured.
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digital scribing for stonemasons.
Scribe any surface for stone work and benchtops. Walls, curved or complex angular surfaces are no problem. Never create a physical template ever again!
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measure directly into cad.
For first time users or ‘as built’ specialists, Flexijet 3D enables fast, efficient, cost saving and accurate measurements which are recorded directly into CAD.
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flexibility & portability.
Easy to handle and manoeuvre in any situation. No more scaffolds or ladders! Measure cluttered construction sites or furnished rooms with little or no disruption.
7/ 8
instant checks.
Measurements can be checked instantly from the displayed results. Missed measurements are easliy identified. Hand written measurements and notes are a thing of the past.
8/ 8
easy file export.
Export 3D model as DXF or DWG (amongst many other formats) into the most common CAD software. Easy import into AutoCAD, Sketchup, Pytha, Microvellum, REVIT and many more…
Great features

Made in Germany

Award winning innovation.
Manufactured with the innovation and precision that Germany is renowned for.
Awarded the 'German Federal  Award for Excellence in Innovation' in 2011.
Winner of the
RedDot Design award 2018.

WiFi Integration

Seamless & hassle free.
Flexijet hardware and software are specifically designed to work in harmony via WiFi integration.
Inbuilt WiFi creates dedicated network for reliable connection between hardware and software.
You can even connect your smart phone!

Reliable Support

Local support when you need it.
Reliable tech support via phone, Skype® & TeamViewer®.
30 days complimentary support with every new system.
Get training and on-going support with our annual Service Agreement. Includes software updates & annual hardware calibration.
Great software
Illustrative image of package for FlexiCAD software.


fully featured 3D capabilities

Included with every system, FlexiCAD is the 'brains' behind the Flexijet 3D providing a logical and intuitive interface. Using wireless communication with the Flexijet measuring device, a wide range of measuring and editing features make Flexijet 3D a truly innovative laser measuring system.
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Please note: Software is supplied on USB disk. Boxed packaging shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Illustrative image of package for Flexijet STONE software.


laser templator software FOR STONE & BENCHTOPS

Our customised software for the benchtop and stone industries simplifies digital templating while still providing a high degree of precision. FlexijetSTONE is included with every system and has been customised for 2D templating and scribing while still retaining some important 3D features.
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Please note: Software is supplied on USB disk. Boxed packaging shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Illustrative image of package for Flexijet Viewer software.


free! viewer software for everyone

Flexijet Viewer is a free viewing program for measurements and photos collected with Flexijet 3D. Files packaged for FlexijetViewer are therefore accessible by everyone.
Available for  Windows and Apple Mac OSX.
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Please note: FlexijetViewer is supplied as a free digital download. Boxed packaging shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Image of user holding a smart phone with the Flexijet Smart Remote App interface.

SmartRemote App

free! smart phone app

Use the Flexijet SmartRemote App to remotely control your Flexijet. Capture hi-res photos with the smart phone camera and have them linked to precise positions in your CAD model.
Available for iOS and Android.
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Easy import into the most commonly used CAD software… and more!

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